Desiderat‘s Little Quiz about Linux


Test you knowledge about Linux by answering a few questions.

Enter a name below and choose one of the answers to each question. You‘ll get your result at the end.

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1. What is Linux?

a. A full-fledged operating system.
b. A cuddly penguin.
c. A computer for nerds.
d. A little program.

2. How do I know which software there is for Linux

a. What do I want with extra software? Linux is the software, isn’t it?
b. There is a summary of many important programs for Linux on the internet. ;)
c. There is a comprehensive summary at the website of the Linux company “OpenSource”.

3. Where can you use Linux?

a. Linux works on servers only.
b. Linux is suitable for old computers only, the ones with poor hardware.
c. Linux is so versatile that it can be used on most computers.
d. Almost everywhere, but the Raspberry Pi works with Windows only.

4. How can I find out, whether Linux works on my laptop or pc (without compromising or deleting my present operating system)?

a. I start a Linux-Live-System from CD, DVD or USB-stick. If it works, it should all be good.
b. Never mind, just overwrite everything and hope for the best.
c. All necessary information is in your Windows preferences under Linux.

5. If Windows was a hamburger, then Linux would be…

a. A cheeseburger with extra tomato.
b. Your favorite burger with whatever you like.
c. A hamburger with fries.
d. A platter of mini-burgers.

6. What will probably not work (that well) when using Linux?

a. Office software like word processors or spreadsheets.
b. YouTube and video conferences.
c. E-mail clients and encryption.
d. A few games and software specifically developed for Windows, and of course malware.

7. What are Mint, Ubuntu and Kanotix?

a. Mint is a spicy herb, so herbs?
b. Different species of penguins, definitely.
c. Different types of Linux (so-called distributions).

8. What is LibreOffice

a. An unoccupied office space, because everyone works from home theses days.
b. Software designed to work from home, with a chat-button.
c. Free office software for Linux, Windows and others.

9. What is a shell?

a. A hardware-friendly Linux distribution designed like a scallop.
b. A window in which you can type in in order to directly communicate with the operating system.
c. What? Clams? What do clams have to do with penguins?
d. A graphical user interface.